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Gyfted Athletes

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Basketball Size

Introducing the ultimate Basketball Training Kit, designed to elevate your game on and off the court! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this comprehensive package has everything you need to hone your skills and stay hydrated during intense training sessions.

Inside this all-in-one kit, you'll find:

1. Premium Basketball: Crafted for superior grip and durability, this regulation-size basketball ensures optimal performance on any court.
2. Custom Water Bottle: Stay hydrated and focused with our sleek, custom-designed water bottle, keeping you refreshed throughout your training.
3. 10 Training Cones: Perfect your dribbling, agility, and shooting accuracy with these high-visibility training cones, essential for mastering key basketball drills.
4. Ball Pump: Keep your basketball game-ready at all times with our efficient and portable ball pump, ensuring optimal inflation for peak performance.
5. Stylish Backpack: Carry all your gear in style with our durable and spacious backpack, featuring multiple compartments for organized storage and easy transport.

Whether you're hitting the court solo or training with your team, our Basketball Training Kit is your go-to solution for reaching new heights in your game. Upgrade your skills, stay hydrated, and dominate the court with confidence – all in one convenient package!


Includes the following items:

  • Basketball (Size 6 or Size 7) make selection
  • Ball pump
  • 10 training cones
  • Gyfted water bottle
  • Gyfted backpack